Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer card camp 2 : shaker card

Today in camp we learned so many fun techniques. But today I really wanted to try the shaker card. It was fun to make once I found all my supplies, there was some creative substitutions. In the video the instructor used white foam. I raided the craft drawer and found bright neon green sparkle foam and black sparkle foam. They were thin but only had enough of each color for one circle so I glued the sparkle sides together and colored the green edges that were visible in black ink. Ha ha, oh well it worked. Used PTI Wise Owl stamp set. It was fun will definitely make more once I get more supplies.


  1. What an adorable combination!

  2. Very cute. Jennifer will love this card - she is partial to owls!

  3. TOO CUTE!!!!!:) Are those ITTY-BITTY marbles??? I LOVE IT!!!!:) These Shaker Boxes are SOOO MUCH FUN, aren't they???? SUPER JOB!!!!!!:) THANKS for coming over to visit!!!!!!:)