Tuesday, August 26, 2014

SAF 2014: Time after time

This challenge was to take one of our first cards and revamp it. I started stamping about 13 years ago after going to a Stampin UP party. I was awestruck by what a few stamps could do. In the beginning I was very clumsy and did not know how to edit. I loved to embellish and putting cards together was more a "winging it" process. Over the years after reading blogs like Nicole Heady and all the designers blogs on various sites I have learned to tone down the card and to edit.

It was fun watching all the card designers in the welcome video talk about that paper crimper, as I have one also and yes it was my first card supply purchase!
We all start somewhere.

I think my second card is much improved. Cleaner lines and easy on the eye.. Way too much going on with the first card.
Stamps used were Papertrey Ink Mat Stack 4 Collection and Chocolate Bliss from Gel a tins

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